Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about Oakville you may not have known:

Interesting Facts about Oakville Ontario real estate– Oakville’s founder William Chisholm purchased 960 acres of land at an auction in 1827 for 21 shillings, three pence per acre. Total cost: aproximately $4,116 for the entire parcel which is now known as the Town of Oakville.

-Oakville has over 2400 acres of park space.

– Oakville offers a mix of converted 19th century buildings, which accommodate over 400 fine shops, services and restaurants.

– Over 260 music, drama and other performances are staged each year in Oakville.

– Oakville has approximately 83 soccer fields, 74 baseball diamonds and two field hockey pitches for use by the public and local sports organizations.

-Approximately 1.4 million tourists visit Oakville annually.

-Sheridan College, founded in 1967, has grown from a locally-based college of 400 students to a dynamic and innovative institution with over 16, 000 full-time and 35,000 continuing education students.

Town-Square-Oakville– Of the 4,500 employers in Oakville, many represent the automotive, technology, business service, aerospace, pharmaceutical and tourism sector. More than 260 of these businesses are the national and international corporate headquarters of these business sectors.

– In the 1850’s, a yearly subscription for the Oakville Weekly Sun newspaper cost $1.00.

– The annual salary of Oakville’s first police chief constable, George Johnson Sumner, was $300 in the 1860’s.

– The Canada’s Cup International Yacht Race was founded in Oakville in 1896. The yacht ‘Canada’, built in Oakville, won the first race.

– Many historical buildings in town are believed to be haunted by the ghosts of residents who once live in them. According to ‘Ghosts of Oakville’ author Joyce Burnell, Erchless Estate has had sightings of several different ghosts believed to be various members of the Chisholm family.

– Today, Oakville has over 1,323 hectares of parkland and over 140 kilometers of trails.