All Boys Private School on Linbrook In the Works

New All Boys Private School Oakville on LinbrookTown staff has been given the go-ahead to begin negotiatons with proponents of a private all boys school at the former Linbrook School property at 1079 Linbrook Road in south east Oakville.

A proposed residential development on the property, which would have seen six detached homes built on the site, was voted against by the majority of Town council.

Council then unanimously agreed to open talks with the private school proponents, who will have to report back to the Town regarding issues such as traffic controls, pedestrians and crossings, leasing advantages compared to ownership, lease lenght, heritage protection, enrollment capping, hours of operation, noise control and more.

Many residents of Linbrook Road and surrounding areas are concerned about traffic levels, stating that they sometimes have great difficulty entering or exiting their driveways. With St. Mildred’s-Lighbourn School across the street, you could see why they are concerned.

The proposed enrollment at the school would be capped at 180, which is far lower than the 400 student capacity of the former Linbrook School.

Mayor Rob Burton said, “I think that both of the ways we could go tonight are the right way and a right decision. I agree with the residents’ association that this is what you call a ‘true choice’ where each of the options is valid. I believe when we look back, this will prove to have been Oakville working at its best and arriving at a well-balanced decision and outcome that benefits everyone.”

Stay tuned for more on this topic as it develops.

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