New Oakville Hospital

The New Oakville hospital is currently being built at the intersection of Third Line and Dundas and will officially open in December 2015. Upon completion, the new hospital will be approximately 1.6 million square feet, more than three times the size of the current hospital. It will offer capacity for 457 beds with shelled-in space to grow to 602 beds in the future. It’s an exciting time to be a resident of Oakville!

New Services

The new Oakville hospital will host many new and exciting services and features. These include:

Cancer Clinic
This new service will provide patient assessment, teaching, counselling, information resources, chemotherapy administration, blood transfusions, procedures and clinical trials for oncology
patients. Radiation treatment assessments will also be provided. Radiation will continue to be provided
at one of the radiation centres in Mississauga, Hamilton or Toronto.

Stress Echocariography
Stress echocardiography is a new test that will be offered at the hospital to help diagnose heart disease with the help of ultrasound images.

Endoscopy Ultrasound
An endoscopy ultrasound obtains images and information about the digestive tract and surrounding tissue and organs. It will be used to provide nonsurgical assessment of cancers of the esophagus, stomach, pancreas, and lung and evaluating chronic pancreatitis and other masses or cysts of the pancreas.

Infection Prevention and Control
An enhanced infection prevention and control program will allow the new hospital
to respond promptly and effectively to a new era of infectious diseases including
an appropriate number of rooms that will be used to triage, register, assess, treat
or provide recovery for patients with suspected or confirmed infections.

Enhanced Clinical Support Systems
More CT scanners and MRI machines will ensure patients have quicker access to the vital diagnostics they need. Modern equipment and information communication systems will work to enhance the patient experience and support our culture of safety and improve patient outcomes.

Wireless Technology for a ‘Silent’ Hospital
Wireless technology will be used in  lieu of individual pagers and overhead paging to
provide a quiet environment for patients and staff. Overhead paging will still be available for emergency purposes.

Clearly marked traffic routes

There will be separate, clearly market outdoor traffic routes for emergency vehicles, hospital staff, public transit and the general public. This will ensure efficient, convenient travel to and from the hospital

Ample Parking
Plenty of parking will be available close to appropriate entrances.

Increased Privacy
The new Oakville hospital has been uniquely designed with distinct separation of traffic types. Staff will have hallways and elevators for their use only, increasing patients’ privacy while traveling between departments.

More Single Patient Rooms
80% of inpatient rooms will be designated as single use. This results in more privacy, better infection control, and more opportunities for family to stay overnight with loved ones.

Patient Room Enhancements
Bedside terminals will allow patients access to the internet, television control, control of the lighting system and more.

Quiet Outdoor Spaces
There will be specifically designated areas outdoor for patients, families and friends to enjoy together.

More Options for Patient Registration
Exciting new technologies are being explored and will be offered including booths and kiosks to speed up registration processes. This will eliminate lines and speed up registration in order to get people to their appointments quicker.

Better Meal Selection
Patients will be able to choose their meal menu via their bedside terminal, television, or getting a personal visit from a food services staff member.

And more…



For more detailed information, please visit the New Oakville Hospital website.

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