David Newton

David Newton

Sales Representative

With a passion for numbers and investing, complimented by a strong awareness of a person’s individual needs both financial and emotional, I can put together the proper balance for both the buyer and seller to create a unique win/win situation. I have focused for over twenty years on connecting people with products and services and pride myself in knowing that in all situations the goals of those individuals were fulfilled. So, whether you are buying, selling, or investing there are always opportunities for those who make the call.

Having personally been involved in real estate for over 22 years, I have experienced many cycles in the market place. Whether you are nurturing a young family or building wealth, I understand the importance of choosing the correct investment. Also, with a young family, I understand the needs and wants of family members and realize the importance of meeting those needs. Choosing the best location not only affects your investment but your family’s lifestyle.

Oakville Blooms

I am a proud member of the Oakville Blooms Median and Boulevard sponsorship program. From May to September each year, medians and boulevards throughout the Town of Oakville are planted with vibrant flowers grown in the Oakville Greenhouse. This program offers civic minded individuals and businesses the opportunity to offset the costs of these gardens by sponsoring these beautiful displays. I am fortunate to sponsor the median on Cornwall Road just west of Ford Drive, Lakeshore Road West at Shell Park, and the intersection of Cornwall and Trafalgar adjacent to Whole Foods.

In addition, I am a proud sponsor of the OAKVILLE LITTLE LEAGUE, where young ball players dream of future aspirations in the major league. Come visit our club house on Cornwall Road in South East Oakville, just east of Whole Foods.

Accredited Senior Agent

I recently completed the Accredited Senior Agent course in February 2013 and am now a full member. The course provides it’s graduates with information, tools, and reports to better understand and help senior citizens with their real estate matters. I realize that many homeowners in Oakville are in or approaching this demographic, and I took this course so I could better assist people in this age group.